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ED = Edit of an image not owned by Galerie Buna
OR = Original image owned by a member of Galerie Buna

New Submissions

OR - Gabriel Ustis "DAJONIWEF"

Old Submissions

OR - Gabriel Ustis "D Is For Dog"


ED - Gabriel Ustis "Iot"


ED - Gabriel Ustis "Ewwww"




ED - Gabriel Ustis "Surgery"


ED - Gabriel Ustis "Onevee"


OR - Gabriel Ustis "King-Of-Fire"




OR - Gabriel Ustis "Slicecream"

Reviews of Galerie Buna

Name Rating Quote Comments
M.B. 5 Stars “These yellow flecks seem to be separating. I’m working on it.” ?
R.W. 5 Stars “It’s unique. It deserves to be a world landmark.” New plans coming soon
N.C. 2 Stars “It’s art stealing.” This is partly false.
Homie 5 Stars “idk what [HARDHARDHARDHARD] is but [i like it] because it looks cursed” it is very cursed thx
M.F. 10 Stars “It’s inspiring. It changed my life, and taught me to be humble.” fax
Yxng Curls 4 Stars “It gives off dark web vibes.” true
Michelle Obama 42,069 Stars “...excellent gallery, will return and showcase at my grandmas funeral, she loved art.” thank you for your amazing review and thank you for giving me so many stars i dedicate my new art piece "DAJONIWEF" to your grandma

Average Rating: 21037.09/5 Stars

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